Inner Decisions

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Soul Goals

If we are still here, on the planet, living, we know there are still ways we are supposed to connect. However, that feeling of wanting to connect, of needing to participate in something life altering is often vague and elusive. We know there is something we are supposed to be doing, but we have no idea what that is.

We are never too old, or too young, to feel that urgency. We can, and often do, feel too tired or scared or incompetent to embrace what we're about. Or maybe we don't know.
How do you know? How does one discover one's soul purpose.

 I found a great 2005 blog by Steve Pavlina titled: How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes. I won't spoil the incredibly simple 4 steps it will take you to uncover your soul's purpose. And it may take you awhile --- much longer than 20 minutes to get there, if you're really stubborn.

You see, there is no magic to discovering your soul's purpose. You know, deep down inside you already know. It's a bit like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, the magic is always there all along.

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