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Psychic Protection: Awareness

You are a being of the Light. As that, you are Light. You don't require protection "by the Light" because you are that Light. You are Divine Light. You are the Light of All That Is. For psychic protection -- which we do need (often) -- we need awareness that we are Light. What separates us from the Divine Presence is our awareness, or rather, lack thereof. When we are fully aware of our connection, of our Light essence, we are protected.

Light Switch

To protect yourself from unwanted or uninvited energy, or to cleanse the energy immediately

 surrounding you, increase your awareness that you are Light and that you radiate that Light. The awareness necessary to expand your Light is much like turning on a light switch. Think about turning on your Light. The Light that you are is of infinite supply and it pours in through the top of your head, circulates through your body, and shines our through your pores into the etheric energy surrounding you. With your awareness push that energy out, the Divine Light outward. Let your Divine Light ripple ourward encompassing the room, your loved ones, your community, your country, your world, your solar system, your universe. There is an never ending supply.

Let there be Light. And so it is.

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