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teaching and learning

“It’s in the teaching that we do the most learning,” was an important statement made while I was doing a considerable amount of automatic writing back in the early 1990’s. This was one of those epiphanies that generated a big change in attitude for me. At the time my ego had me pretty convinced that I knew more than most about spirituality. This sentence and the other information surrounding it helped me discover that I was teaching spirituality because I had the most to learn. I still do.

 Whenever I find myself a little “too full of myself” I hear echos of “It’s in the teaching that we do the most learning.” It is a very grounding statement. It helps me embrace what I’m learning and sharing.    

(note:  Automatic writing is a form of  “channeling Spirit” with the written word. Colleen’s style ranges from taking dictation to (rarely) completely letting go and allowing Spirit to move the pen.)



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